Crash Worship Return??

Crash Worship

Someone told me that Crash Worship were supposedly reuniting, which would be pretty grand, because that would mean more people would be exposed to the most cathartic live show they’ve ever seen.

This keyhole vid does little justice, but unbelievably, it happens to be the only live footage on GooToob of this amazing San Diego-based band.

Elements not clear on the vid: Six members, 3 of them drummers, a couple of them wearing 2-foot-tall stovepipe hats or dunce caps and overalls, all of them covered in black soot, shooting off firecrackers and setting bonfires on the dance floor (though ostensibly more suited to outdoors, theyseemed to prefer nightclubs, maybe cuz they were more dangerous). At one of their shows, a security guy I talked to pointed to a votive candle at the bar as he told me that the fire dept. can fine the club for having a flame go over the lip of the glass, much less what was happening at this show.

Anyways, I hope it’s true.


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  1. mdm

    The best thing are those comments on that video.

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