Daniel Levy on the diavlog

[Yes it’s been forever, all 3.5 of you reading. I’ve little excuse for this, it’s just magnified itself as I sit here dormant on a contract job, so hopefully I’ll have lots of downtime to do stuff like this and make music, etc. all the other crap I’ve been thinking of doing. Bim!]

I salute, a diavlog (dialog video weblog) site that you should check out. Basically, a diavlog as defined in this site (actually I think this site defines it) involves a split-screen view of two participants speaking to each other in real time via webcam, more often than not wearing headsets (although some use phones for the audio).

Started 2.5 years ago by journalists Mickey Kaus (Slate) and Robert Wright (New Republic), it now involves over 150 journalists, bloggers, science writers, scientists, philosophers, book authors dealing with all kinds of topics.

Today at work I watched a diavlog called The Intra-Israeli Mideast Peace Debate between New American Foundation senior fellow David Levy on the left and Ha’aretz US correspondent Shmuel Rossner on the right. Their lively, interruption-filled, typically Israeli discussion proves an especially good example of how the video augments this dynamic app–you get to see both Rossner’s argumentative sneering and Levy’s combative fidgeting. The other plus was the contrast of Levy’s Cambridge accent to Rosner’s sabra brogue–this kind of dynamic is probably rare amongst these match-ups.

So, have a look, give it a try, who knows?


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