Great Bloggingheads diavlogs

As I’ve noted previously on this blog, these folks keep delivering some highly incisive stuff. Among others, check out:

John McWhorter
Glenn Loury

Author and Manhattan Institute scholar McWhorter and
Brown econ prof Loury throw a lot of things around, mostly about race ‘n’ politix, including how r
acism plays less of a role than race, ie white people are less scared of a black prez per se than an unfamiliar black prez surrounded by Farrakhans.

Raj Patel & Megan McArdle
Stuffed and Starved author Patel and Atlantic writer and econ blogger McArdle talk food ‘n’ politics, tackling topics like the World Bank and democracy, the downsides of food aid, and obesity. The occasional familial distractions that Patel experiences during the vlog show the cute idiosyncracies that B-heads makes possible.


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