The other Dirty South

UK-based social network site Bebo is packed with pages by kids repping (or claiming to rep) South London gangs, providing an interesting insight into the multiracial (AfrCarib, S. Asian, white) gangsta scene in the capitol (made up of apparently over 160 crewz). Gun & knife attacks are now running sky-high

Start here, and click on the Similar Stuff icons on the top of the page, and you’ll get the general picture. Among other observations:

  • Brixton (Brixx) is at war with Peckham (Pexx, Pecknarm, etc.)
  • These guys can make names like Woolwich Rd., Ladbroke Grove, Walthamstow, and Camberwell sound hard
  • Lots of international Blood/Crip infiltration, BUT where else but in London can there sprout a Yellow Brick Massive, or the impetus to make a gang color out of…yes…BEIGE??

Check out part of Ross Kemp’s chat w/some S. London boyz, and as a bonus, his exploration of London’s Tamil gang scene. Chili powder!



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One response to “The other Dirty South

  1. Good, that old Terraces football hooligans nostalgia stuff was getting a little long in the tooth. Awesome work running english patois from England through a big fat paper shredder Recycler destructive sound effect. Ya’lls still hard even with Harry Potter 5 coming out, its ok, just keep rockin that beige, but throw down more Terrence Stamp and Christopher Hitchens lines, that’s all I ask.

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